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Mineral Eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow Colors:

Mineral Eye ShadowOur 100% pure crushed loose mineral shadows come in a rainbow of colours. Use lighter shades to give your eyes a lift or use wet for bolder, longer lasting colour. Our shadows can also be used as an eyeliner. Our shadows contain titanium dioxide, mica and ultramarine blue. Cruelty free and does not contain talc, bismuth, carmine, fragrances, artificial perservatives, parabens or other potentially harmful ingredients.


5 grams for  $7.50

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301 Sultry Mauve: A seductive semi-matte blend of mauve & smokey lilac.

302 Dark Teal: A dark semi-matte charcoal Teal. A great eyeliner.

305 Khaki: A medium matte green olive & cream.

306 Brown Sugar: A slightly shimmering warm & rich copper brown.

308 Egyptian Gold: A light semi-matte gold.

310 Cool Mist: A light shimmering green-gray.

313 Smokey Black: A matte off-black. A great eyeliner.

315 Antique Red: A semi-matte sultry dark red with hints of purple. Stunning at night.

317 Pale Orchid: A semi-matte dusty rose.

318 Cotton Candy: A slightly shimmery classic light pink.

321 Latte: A matte medium cream. Can reduce pink & blues on the eyelids.

322 Oak: A matte medium-dark brown. A great eyeliner.

324 Comet Dust: A pearlized semi-matte white.

325 Silver Bullet: light-metallic silver.

326 Blue Smoke: A semi-matte medium-dark blue-gray.

329 Seafoam: A light semi-matte mint green.

330 Purple Haze: A semi-matte purple-gray.

331 Antique Gold: A classic slightly shimmering 24k gold color.

332 Blue Metal: Our darkest semi-matte deep blue.

333 Cold Steele: A popular look of polished metal.

334 Phoenix: A slightly shimmering sultry coral, darker than apricot.

335 Purple Smoke: A deep semi-matte, eggplant.

336 Eclipse: Our darkest semi-matte black.

337 Desert Brown: A medium neutral brown. Not too red. Not too orange.

339 Light Desert: Light neutral sandy brown. A great blonde eyebrow color.

340: Pink Coral: A matte pink, light mauve & coral, darker than 318 Cotton Candy.