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Blush and Bronzer

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Blush and Bronzer Colors:
Blush & Bronzer Colors

10 gram for $14.00

Our blushes and bronzers are 100% pure crushed loose minerals. Use as a blush or and eyeshadow or eyeliner with our darker shades. Our blushers/ bronzers are free of preservatives, oils, fragrance, binders, talc, carmine, parabens and other potential irritants. Cruelty free.

504 Terra Cotta: A semi-matte blend of apricot & pink. Offers a natural light touch of color.

505 Summer Glow Bronzer: A medium semi-matte cinnamon and golden honey.

506 Peaches N Cream: A semi-matte creamy peach & light rose.

509 Pink Glow Bronzer: A light & creamy semi-matte pink bronzer.

510 Light Merlot: A matte pink & mauve.

511 Rosewood: A matte blend of brown and rose.

512 Orchid: A matte color. A classic pink.

514 Natural Glow: A semi-matte. Neither pink or coral, just a touch of color.

515 Passion Glow: A medium natural bronzer with a blend of a hint of mauve and light brown.

517 Coral: A warm medium orange. Great for medium to medium-dark skin tones.

521 Golden Bronze: A medium-dark brown with a shimmering gold.

522 Wild Pink: A vibrant light and shimmery baby pink.

Cheerful: A natural light pink with hints of beige

Orange Crush: A light peachy coral.