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Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer
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Hand Sanitizer Scents:

2.5oz $5.95

We all know at this point that germs are primarily passed through the touching of things and of each other and of ourselves. In a single day we can be exposed to the germs of literally hundreds of thousands of people. Door handles, railings, flat surfaces, shaking hands, pens and pencils, credit card machine stylus', gas pumps, name it, we seem to find a need to touch it....A LOT!

Cleaning our hands throughout the day is our first and primary line of defense for a sickness-free experience.

Carry it in your purse...leave it on your it to your friends and family....have some in your your gym bag.....on your childs' back pack.....and squeeze and rub and voila! presto! you are out of the flu red zone and back into neutral territory.

Directions for Use: Use liberally to cleanse hands. Does not have to be washed off.